Nights at the Bridge

Tales from Park Hill The story begins several decades ago. It’s right out of a movie. A bunch of high-spirited teenagers roam the streets of their hometown at midnight. They laugh, flirt and joke, aimlessly walking under the street lights with no real… Continue Reading →

The Risk

When I publish, I never know what’s on the other side of tomorrow. I never know what storm will seize up or what horrors will be unleashed from the vast pits of a fiery hell that I don’t believe in…. Continue Reading →

The Southern Football Fan Machine Awakes

It’s that time again, late summer in the South. This part of the year is marked by three things: the start of school, late afternoon thunderstorms and FOOTBALL!  As the Crepe Myrtles bloom, the colleges start their practices and, before… Continue Reading →

The Little Rose Bush that Dared to Dream

When all the other rose bushes bloomed their hot pink spring flowers, one tiny, flowerless rose bush looked up at the bigger shrubs and asked, “Why do we all bloom the same color?” A bigger, taller and more experienced shrub… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Witch Movies #26: Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters

I am finally getting around to another witch film review. This entire project was suppose to end on October 31 2013 but has lingered on well into 2014.  I am making no further promises on the exact finish date other… Continue Reading →

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