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31 Days of Witch Movies #26: Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters

I am finally getting around to another witch film review. This entire project was suppose to end on October 31 2013 but has lingered on well into 2014. ¬†I am making no further promises on the exact finish date other… Continue Reading →

Evaluating our Response within the Pagan Community

The current issue of Witches and Pagans Magazine¬†contains an editorial that has unwittingly become the center of attention. Written by editor Anne Newkirk Niven, the editorial discusses the Pagan community’s reaction to bad press. Anne suggests that “a solid dose… Continue Reading →

Pagans & the Media: October Effect

Sometimes you just have to be thankful it’s not October.

Paganism in the Media: Progress in Small Rays of Light

We must acknowledge the subtle shifts in the language used to describe Paganism within the mainstream media.

Wal-Mart, Pagans and Kierkegaard

Wal-Mart is being accused of having Pagan values. What does that mean?

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