Common Space versus the Bubble

Teo Bishop just called us out. Pagans live in a bubble. What does this mean “living in a bubble?” The idea brings such negative connotations to mind that I become claustrophobic just thinking about it.  Excuse me while I step… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Small Gestures

Often we talk about our human duty to give through political activism, campaigning for the environment, donating to charity, championing one cause or another with blood, sweat and tears. No doubt, most of these projects are worthy. However, it is easy… Continue Reading →

PantheaCon Blues

  I’m stuck in the East. It’s out in the west, Gotta mess with with TSA and you know the rest. Only have the dime to make this rhyme. Can’t get out to the Conference this time. I’ve got the… Continue Reading →

Cultural Labels: Imperfect But Important

Once upon a time, I was told that I was not a real Jew. I had never been so angry or offended. My friend wasn’t trying to be hurtful.  In his mind, he was making a simple observation. I didn’t… Continue Reading →

Pagans & the Media: October Effect

Sometimes you just have to be thankful it’s not October.

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