31 Days of Witch Movies: #20 Harry Potter and the 8 Movies

This film review showcase wouldn’t seem complete if I didn’t mention Harry Potter. The books and movies are a megalithic entertainment commodity that is now entrenched in our American culture. Harry Potter is like Mickey Mouse, Charlie Brown, and the… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Witch Movies: #11 The Witches of East End

I’m now about three days behind. My busy days make it difficult to type out a review every night.  “Life’s full of tough choices isn’t it?”  To quote a very well-known movie witch. Stepping away from feature films, I’m going… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Witch Movies: #10 Black Death

[I’m thrilled to have John W. Morehead of Theofantastique.com participate in this film festival: 31 Days of Witch Movies.  Like myself, John is fascinated with movies and the visual storytelling process. On his website, you can read more about his… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Witch Movies: #9 American Horror Story Coven

I decided to look at one of the most recent representations of witchcraft and witches that American entertainment has to offer:  American Horror Story: Coven.  It premiered Wed October 9 2013 as the third season of the FX show. Based… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Witch Movies: #8 Bell Book and Candle

Ring the Bell, Close the Book and Blow Out the Candle One of Hollywood’s classics, Bell Book & Candle (1958) is part of my upcoming Wild Hunt article on Representations of Witches in Hollywood films 1951-1968.  In that series I am unable… Continue Reading →

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